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Suki Designs: heritage as seen by contemporary designers

“Bags were not the first กระเป๋าสตางค์ ผู้หญิง thing on my mind when I started; it was more of a coincidence. I never thought this is what I would be doing.” Ezzat elaborated “At first, I just wanted to paint on different materials and leather was one of them. Then, before I knew it, I started taking an interest in leather goods.” In almost a year and with two catchy collections, the ladies behind Suki Handbags managed to convince fashion-savvy customers to give up their high-end logo leather bags for a number of colourful handmade alternatives. The Egyptian brand depends on hand-painted genuine leather accessorized with a rainbow of patterned fabrics. With that said, the brand’s true head-turner is the new metal line. The limited edition designs borrow inspiration from the country’s rich culture, while the “Kaf” metal hand comes in the shape of a Fatima hand, “Zamzameya” turns traditional flasks into a fashion statement. Furthermore, the “Shifteshy” bag is a true advocate of an old technique, which represents an essential cornerstone in Egyptian craftsmanship. “It has always intrigued me that our culture is absolutely affluent with a diversity of cultural and artistic references. Nonetheless, when I started researching I was further amazed with the number of concepts that could be adapted from local heritage.” Ezzat added “our brand aesthetic depends on the essential link between modern casual that goes hand in hand with an ethnic flair.” The founders’ artistic background is highly evident in each of the brand’s designs. Whether it is the versatility seen in their foldable bags or in the selection of colourful stones rooted in the Shifteshy bag, Ezzat and Refai are always keen to offer collector pieces. Even though the golden age of metal and leather craftsmanship in Egypt is fairly gone, the couple insist on sourcing their materials and manufacturing their bags locally as they both believe that the designs have a unique identity that will only further shine when kept authentic.

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Missguided bags ex-Shop Direct deputy CEO Gareth Jones as online chief

‘There’s this idea if you are fat it’s 100 per cent your fault. There’s also an assumption you are 100 per cent in control of your size. But we don’t have ultimate control. People have different bodies.’ Plus-size bloggers also point to conflicting evidence on the health risks of obesity. Some research has shown that overweight and moderately obese patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, actually live longer and do better than normal-weight patients with the same illnesses.  ‘I have a balanced diet and active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how I look on the inside. I’m judged by strangers for how I look on the outside. All the years of verbal, physical and mental abuse never led to me getting any slimmer There are also a growing number of social media sites for ‘fit fatties’ who say exercise is not just for the skinny.

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Pages from Ukrainian children Ms Denysenko said that neither the Forum nor the police were able to guarantee security at the presentation, due to take place in a children's library, so she agreed to cancel the event out of a "sense of personal responsibility for children's safety". She added that accusations of propaganda were nonsense, as the book argued for the primacy of love and tolerance, not for one sort of family arrangement or another. Image caption Larysa Denysenko is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador "I get the impression that these people haven't read the book. And what are 'standard values' in a country where so many single mothers have to raise children on their own?" she said. The Lviv newspaper Vysokyy Zamok agreed, saying the book told 17 stories about children from ethnic minority backgrounds, or coping with parents working abroad and other family difficulties, but it was "just one story about a child with two mummies that, it seems, has caused all this hard-right hysteria". Ms Denysenko, a UN Goodwill Ambassador who campaigns for children's rights, wrote on her Facebook page that "these ultra-nationalist groups and churches are portraying me as a 21st century witch". Her page is full of expressions of support from members of the public, who say the book's message is one of tolerance and acceptance, and deplore attempts to silence the writer as "diktat". But there have been hostile comments elsewhere on social media, overwhelmingly focused on the same-sex issue. One critic said " such books should be burned ", and another dubbed it a " nail in the coffin of the Ukrainian family".

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