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This Handheld Device Can Spot Counterfeit Luxury Bags

This Handheld Device Can Spot Counterfeit Luxury Bags This Handheld Device Can Spot Counterfeit Luxury Bags Entrupy is a small handheld device that uses microscopic photographs and AI algorithms to verify the authenticity of luxury handbags. The device’s camera magnifies an object to 260 times its normal size, making inconsistencies and errors from fake designer gear visible, from misshapen stamp marks to paint overruns. The company has created a database of about 30,000 authentic handbags and wallets from luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more, with tens of millions of photographs of each bag, as well as samples from counterfeit bags. The device can be leased for $99 per month after an initial fee of $299. According to Bloomberg, some 160 businesses —including pawn shops and online retailers—have signed up for the device. Entrupy developers are looking to expand the technology for other uses, too. Aside from diamonds and porcelain, it has been tested on phones, auto parts, jackets, shoes and even crude oil.

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On Enceladus, the observations were no less stunning. Image caption Oscillogram: The loss of signal and the spacecraft was indicated by the absence of a green spike (right) This moon was seen to spurt water vapour into space from cracks at its south pole. The H20 came from an ocean held beneath the icy shell of Enceladus. When Cassini flew through the water plumes, it showed that conditions in the sub-surface ocean were very probably suitable for life. Today, scientists are already talking about how they can go back with another, more capable probe to investigate this idea further. A great many of those researchers have been gathered this week at the nearby campus of the California Institute of Technology. They watched a feed from the control room at JPL on giant screens. Jonathan Lunine, from Cornell University at Ithaca, New York, spoke for many when he said: "I feel sad but I've felt sad the whole week; we knew this was going happen. And Cassini performed exactly as she was supposed to and I bet there is some terrific data on the ground now about Saturn's atmosphere." And Linda Spilker, the Nasa Cassini project scientist, added: "Cassini may be gone, but its scientific bounty will keep us occupied for many years. "We've only scratched the surface of what we can learn from the mountain of data it has sent back over its lifetime." Image copyright NASA/JPL-CALTECH/SSI/JASON MAJOR Image caption Cassini sent back some last images on Thursday.

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